# Featured NFT dev sites

Below you'll find a growing list of sites with useful information and resources for NFT developers. This isn't an exhaustive inventory, so if you've got a favorite resource that's been valuable along your NFT development journey, please share it! Add it to this page (opens new window) to contribute to the global community of NFT developers.

# Conceptual overviews

  • The OpenSea NFT Bible (opens new window): Aims to "provide an in-depth overview of non-fungible tokens: the technical anatomy of an ERC721, the history of the NFT, common misconceptions about NFTs, and the current state of the NFT market."
  • A16Z NFT Canon (opens new window): A "curated list of readings and resources on all things NFTs ... organized from the big picture of what NFTs are and why they matter to how to mint, collect, and do more with them — including FAQs, ecosystem overviews, and various applications such as art, music, gaming, social tokens, creator DAOs, and others."
  • Ethereum.org's NFT overview (opens new window): The official NFT overview from the Ethereum network's website.

# Programming instruction

# Tools

  • OpenZeppelin (opens new window): Core products include the Contracts tool, a "library of modular, reusable, secure smart contracts for the Ethereum network," and Defender, a "platform to automate Ethereum operations and deliver high-quality products faster."
  • MetaMask (opens new window): Manages accounts and wallets for various Ethereum testnets as well as mainnet, complete with facuet interaction. An invaluable tool when learning to test smart contracts.