# Components

A component is one of the different elements that make up the technical underpinnings of an NFT.

# Smart Contract

A piece of software with rules, data, and functions that is deployed permanently on the blockchain. A smart contract is used to generate NFTs, and it dictates how the NFTs created with the contract will function and exist.

# Token ID

Each NFT minted on a contract will have a unique token ID number that distinguishes it from all the other NFTs in the collection. Often token IDs will start at 0 or 1 and count upwards, but they can also be configured in many other ways. With ERC-1155 NFTs, each single edition of an NFT won’t have a distinct token ID, but each batch of editions will. For instance, you could own 2 editions of Token ID #4, but your two editions won’t have unique IDs; you would merely own 2 copies of Token ID #4.

# Metadata

On a basic level, metadata defines and controls a large portion of how most NFTs work. Metadata for an NFT is typically a simple string of text formatted in a special way. It defines things like the media/image URL, the name, the creator, the description, the traits, etc.

# Media

If an NFT has a media component such as an image or a song, that asset must be hosted somewhere and referenced within the metadata. Due to the expectation for permanence and censorship-resistance from the NFT market, self-hosting an NFT’s media component or hosting with a centralized entity like AWS is considered a very bad practice. Hosting with a decentralized storage solution like NFT.storage (opens new window) (powered by IPFS + Filecoin) is the best way to go.

# Owner

The wallet address that currently possesses the NFT, as shown on the blockchain itself.

# Creator/Minter

The wallet address responsible for minting the NFT from the smart contract.

Below is an example of what the metadata for Token ID 1 from the Blitmap collection actually looks, followed by how the Token is displayed on Etherscan.

{"image":"https://api.blitmap.com/v1/png/1","name":"#1 - Rose","description":"Blitmap is a community crafted art collection and universe. All data is completely on chain.\n\n[blitmap.com](https://www.blitmap.com)","attributes":[{"trait_type":"Type","value":"Original"},{"trait_type":"Composition","value":"Rose (#1)"},{"trait_type":"Palette","value":"Rose (#1)"},{"trait_type":"Affinity","value":"Fire III"},{"trait_type":"Slabs","value":"◢ ◢ ◢ ◥"},{"trait_type":"Attunement","value":"Attuned"}]}

Blitmap Rose Metadata

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